New Submission

Name and Contact Information
Project Information

Your narrative should include a clear and concise explanation of the proposed work. Please include the following:

  • a detailed description of the work
  • specific information about your construction plan
  • materials to be used (please indicate if you plan to use materials from the T/F Lab and/or other recycled materials)
  • location specifics. Please indicate the ideal location for your piece (particularly if you do NOT plan to use recycled materials, please indicate which of the location[s] listed above you are interested in). Include a discussion of the limitations and requirements, such as whether the piece is suitable for indoor and/or outdoor spaces, lighting requirements, sound requirements, and the scale of the piece.
  • longevity. Will your piece be re-usable? How will you construct it so that putting together/installing and taking apart/deinstalling is straightforward?

Please note that if any of the above information is missing, we will not be able to accept your proposal. (PDF or Word only)

In your budget, please include the following:

  • materials costs (itemized)
  • (please note that all hardware - including nails, screws, hardware needed for installation and/or to secure the work to a ceiling or to the ground, etc - should be included in your materials costs)
  • desired artist stipend
  • travel costs (if needed)
  • If you plan to complete the work outside of Columbia and cannot provide its transport to Columbia, please include shipping costs/rental costs in your budget.

In general, the budget for most T/F-commissioned work ranges between $100-$1500 for materials (the majority are on the lower end of that spectrum); stipends and travel costs vary, depending on the scope of the work and the distance traveled, respectively. Please be aware that T/F is a non-profit and as such has a very tight budget; we appreciate all efforts to minimize costs. (PDF, Word or Excel only)

Project Images

Upload at least 3 sketches/images of your proposed piece. These images should include dimensions and building plans. We highly recommend that you make a sample or model of your piece (if applicable) and include a photo of said sample/model with your proposal. The uploaded images must total less than 256MB in file size.

Maximum file size 256 MB.
Maximum file size 256 MB.
Maximum file size 256 MB.
Maximum file size 256 MB.
Maximum file size 256 MB.

Please provide a detailed Artist CV or Resume, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • A short bio
  • General goals as an artist
  • Experience creating site-specific installations (or, if no site-specific installation experience, an explanation of what qualifications or experience you have that will be useful to you during this process, and why you are excited to create a site-specific piece)
  • Links to previous work
  • Artist website, if available
Must be PDF or Doc
Please estimate the number of assistants you will need, including detailed information about what assisting on your project will entail, the number of hours each assistant would work, and whether or not you will need assistance recruiting said assistants. If needed, we can provide skilled volunteers to assist with the creation of the work. Keep in mind that volunteers are available to help with set up and break down. In addition, there will be at least one T/F staff member who will be in communication with all artists from conception through de-installation; these individuals may also assist with the creation of the work. If your proposal is selected, please expect to be in regular contact with T/F staff throughout the process.
True/False has a limited amount of workspace in Columbia, MO, that may be available for your use should you need it. Please indicate whether you have your own space or would like to request use of the T/F shop.