New Submission

Name and Contact Information
Project Information

Your narrative should include a clear and concise explanation of the proposed work. Please ensure that your narrative includes:

  • A detailed description of the work
  • Images of Proposed Installation. Include at least 3 sketches/images of your proposed piece; these images must indicate basic measurements/dimensions. We highly recommend that you make a sample or model of your piece (if applicable/possible) and include a photo of said sample/model with your proposal.
  • What are the basic measurements/dimensions of your piece?
  • What is your construction plan (be very specific)?
  • What materials will be used?
  • Longevity: Will your piece be re-usable?
  • What are you power requirements (be very specific), and your ideal schedule for power access?
  • Is the piece contingent on special lighting or audio circumstances?
  • Will the piece require an attendant?
  • Will the piece need to be set up and taken down each day? If yes, what would that process look like?
  • Can the Work either be modular (portable, or at least movable by trailer) or would it be site specific?
  • Can a physical mockup, be it a model, fabric or paint samples, or anything that can demonstrate technique or materials used, be submitted as a small scale proof of concept?
  • Will the piece be suitable for indoor and/or outdoor spaces?
  • How will the piece will be installed (be very specific)?

Example narrative

Your budget should include the following:

  • Materials costs (itemized)
  • Desired artist stipend
  • Travel costs (if needed)
  • Art transportation/shipping costs (if needed)

See this sample budget. Please note that we prefer a spreadsheet that includes subtotals for each area of expenditure (materials, travel, stipend) as well as the total project cost.

Please be aware that T/F is a non-profit and as such has a very tight budget; we appreciate all efforts to minimize costs. (PDF only)

Please include a statement outlining your general goals as an artist, as well as an explanation of your experience creating site-specific installations (or, if you haven’t created a site-specific installation before, why you are excited to do so). Please also include link(s) to images of past work and/or an artist website.