New Submission

Name and Contact Information
Project Information

Your narrative should include a clear and concise explanation of the proposed work. Please ensure that your narrative includes:

  • A detailed description of the work
  • Images of Proposed Installation. Include at least 3 sketches/images of your proposed piece; these images must indicate basic measurements/dimensions. We highly recommend that you make a sample or model of your piece (if applicable/possible) and include a photo of said sample/model with your proposal.
  • NOTE: please be aware that some spaces that we use have strict limitations on how the space can be adjusted (including but not limited to: anchoring/hanging options, lighting, access to power, etc). Few venues have the capacity to completely block light (for video projections), and no venues have the capacity to be quiet or silent.
As well as answers to the following questions:
  • What are the basic measurements/dimensions of your piece?
  • What is your construction plan (be very specific)?
  • What materials will be used?
  • Longevity: Will your piece be re-usable?
  • What are your power requirements (be very specific), and your ideal schedule for power access?
  • Is the piece contingent on special lighting or audio circumstances?
  • Will the piece require an attendant?
  • Will the piece need to be set up and taken down each day? If yes, what would that process look like?
  • Can the Work either be modular (portable, or at least movable by trailer) or would it be site specific?
  • Can a physical mockup, be it a model, fabric or paint samples, or anything that can demonstrate technique or materials used, be submitted as a small scale proof of concept?
  • Will the piece be suitable for indoor and/or outdoor spaces?
  • How will the piece will be installed (be very specific)?

LINK to example narrative (actual proposal from TF 2018; shared with permission from the artist)

Your budget should include the following:

  • Materials costs (itemized)
  • Desired artist stipend
  • Travel costs (if needed)
  • Art transportation/shipping costs (if needed)

Please use THIS FORM to complete your proposed budget. We will not accept proposals that do not use this form for building their proposed budget. Here is a LINK to a sample budget for reference.

A note about TRAVEL costs: T/F is usually able to arrange for housing with locals who have the space and inclination to host artists in lieu of hotel accommodations.

Please be aware that T/F is a non-profit and as such has a very tight budget; we appreciate all efforts to minimize costs. If any of the costs associated with your project have the potential to be offset by a sponsorship with a specific company, please note that in your budget document. Please do not reach out to any companies without consulting with us first; we have an internal process for pursuing sponsorship opportunities. (PDF only)

Please include a statement outlining your general goals as an artist, as well as an explanation of your experience creating site-specific installations (or, if you haven’t created a site-specific installation before, why you are excited to do so). Please also include link(s) to images of past work and/or an artist website.